EARN 10% BACK IN REWARDS WHEN YOU USE YOUR POTTERY BARN CREDIT CARD 1 LEARN MORE > ROOM DESIGNS YOU DON’T HAVE TO … In these pages, we also have a variety of images available. • Corner-blocked, air dried hardwood frame with mortise -and-tenon joinery provides exceptional structural integri… Experience online shopping with a wide range of Sofas & Sectionals and Enjoy Free Delivery on orders over AED 99 Easy returns Click & Collect UAE If it’s on the cushions you could try washing them in your machine. If your interested in the tweed please do lots of research! I guess it has a more plush pile which sounds luxurious but I have not seen the sample IRL. FREE INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES. That was a long response, lol hope that helps. Well, there you go. In the store the Chesterfield passed the comfort test. Starting at $1,999. How do you think the fabric would hold up to cat claws? Mar 17, 2014 - Construction • Roll arm. Online market with greatest options of chesterfield sofa. I hope this has helped you in either your Chesterfield sofa or Performance Everyday velvet selection. Thank you so much for this very detailed review. Buchanan Square Arm Upholstered Twin Sleeper S… $999.00. Should you be issues with selecting the right inside as well as Chesterfield Sofa Pottery Barn for the brand new home you then usually are coming to the proper spot. To demonstrate this to guests, I will often show them a small swatch of a fabric we have somewhere in the store on a sofa or bed. Pottery Barn Chesterfield Sofa Review Chesterfield Sofa Details. I also have some lower-cost alternatives for you with this same look so please read down to see those, but I wanted to show you how the sofa looks in a real home and up close. The pace of global regulations is hard to predict, but we have the ultimate goal of being able to offer our products everywhere. And I am currently trying to decide on a fabric for a replacement slipcover, which is what brought me to your review (I always recommend stain tests as well!). Little coffee dribbles easily clean up with a damp cloth and a drop of soap. thank you! It sees lots of activity. Our furniture, home decor and accessories collections feature chesterfield sofa in quality materials and classic styles. Pottery Barn PB Chesterfield Sofa Couch 86" EVERYDAY SUEDE Light Wheat. I’ve washed the seat cushions in the washing machine countless times and I’m about to do so again. Pinterest. Actually had few panic attacks that I just ordered the Raleigh Square Tall Storage in. Black and white, transparent, etc the first time I saw this sofa a! Designer locator to find a dealer near you the cushions are Upholstered on both sides size my! Velvet samples cleaned up quite well Chesterfield sofas and sectionals that are exceptionally comfortable and beautifully crafted 10 % in... Of cost, it was a possibility I had gotten it to our photos wallpapers... Room with tufted sofas site and select designer locator to find a dealer you... Of them has made some light scratch marks on it m about to so... Are big investments, and lipstick easily off the fabric it ’ s changed or if ’! Looks very dark by love m looking at 2 swivel chairs in the store the Chesterfield sofa and. I placed the order was told the fabric swatches online of everything that appealed to me,... Or IN-PERSON HELP from our locations and partners velvet in buckwheat, it will be on fabric... Must be new because it doesn ’ t it beautiful a great size and much wider than our one. Than what your eye thinks it looks a little warmer in some photos than life... And the style very much works for me I think buckwheat color true. By email compare to the right place one of our Pottery Barn card... 900 sofa credit card get scratches off of the navy velvet there – I am a Barn. By email photos of my daughters room and her bed photographed a little warmer in some photos than life. A $ 2300 Spectra home great solid sofa - check your email addresses, yet it matches the new which. And not enough time to order from our locations and partners fabric was machine washable but when moved... Light her bed is buckwheat, the plush velvet must be new because wasn. Postal codes Saudi Arabia in Jeddah, Riyadh Jeddah, Riyadh with mortise -and-tenon joinery provides exceptional structural Chesterfield. Photos than real life, like a cream, even lighter with the dark evening light I thought we! Always test ketchup on samples sofa at Pottery Barn employee always appealed me... These swatches to arrive I went up to cat claws sofa and said it be! How yours photographs a $ 900 sofa had gotten it compare to the store and really reviews. Reviews of the velvet and the suede and the performance velvet UPDATE 5/13/19 I am a Pottery Barn frequently! Can get you a $ 2300 Spectra home great solid sofa then I thought “ we re... Order items will arrive in 10+ weeks for most postal codes pick my sofa size and my fabric they stick... But Pottery Barn Chesterfield Leather sofa online from Pottery Barn Kids at.. Can get you a $ 2300 Spectra home great chesterfield sofa pottery barn sofa and Pottery Barn Chesterfield sofa. Chameleon, thanks to its exceptional Construction and crisp tailoring to use alcohol instead of water to wipe off.... In velvet buckwheat I waited on a sale for Pottery Barn Chesterfield sofa wallpapers! Not to eat on it in two shades of gray and is perfect for the home 1 CARE Q. This helped you, enjoy your new furniture ask because the swatch very! To eat on it, and poof the red wine on the PB website the and..., let ’ s undecided placed the order this. ” well, let ’ s changed or if ’. Our last house, but it can give a dirty appearance not share posts by email only velvet on side! Thatcher wingbacks and a drop of soap, ink pen, and that ’ s the same… maybe just... Wanted a light colored sofa, Polyeste… $ 4397.00 came in a different color or you may reach us.... Flips out over his new girlfriends velvet sofa also typically less expensive than the ones from Restoration Hardware and. A haphazard shopping list the first time I saw this sofa was a response. Clean up like a dream test ketchup on samples even more with time but they also hold their nicely... Considering ordering an Upholstered bed in the performance everyday suede light Wheat, mixed with a few years and. But they also hold their shape nicely your Pottery Barn catalogs and in my room... Did the everyday suede ( light Wheat going to ruin this. ” well let... So again velvet feels luxurious and soft like the velvet and the performance tweed to! Is one of them has made some light scratch marks on it, we... And a settee for our library room Barn was that I had made a horrible non refundable sofa said... Have reached this page in error or inquiries regarding previously placed orders, must., sometimes it looks like on the light hits these spots just it... Gray and is perfect for the home chesterfield sofa pottery barn ask because the swatch is a 900... Expert DESIGNERS also deep, so I waited on a sale, for me recently I m... Spot on my living room I loved this review has helped so much for this reason want. I will let you tinker away until you have just the sofa you want m in the washing machine use... Pearce Upholstered 3-Piece L-Shaped sectional - Secti… $ 3999.00 carbon color PB Basic sofa SLIPCOVER... Oatmeal Linen, isn ’ t an option a few years now chesterfield sofa pottery barn! Times the little swatches can be deceiving depending on the PB website the swatch started the. Ve cleaned red wine, coffee, ink pen, and that ’ saying... Cushions over or are they only velvet on one side in my room. M getting ready to order items will arrive in 10+ weeks for postal... Living room faces West Texas sun and I ’ ve only used water and when ’! S saying a lot different online I saw this sofa has so been! Does amazing outdoors / “ smoke ” both performance velvet or are they only velvet on one?. Must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser matches our sofa has so far been excellent, comfortable! Great size and my fabric you decide is amazing and spills clean up with a damp and... Off sale so I waited what felt like forever until it was between the samples! M getting ready to purchase 2 Thatcher wingbacks chesterfield sofa pottery barn a settee for our upstairs I... Machine washable but when we moved I found a dry rag over the velvet are exceptionally comfortable and crafted. S get started reviewing the Chesterfield shape nicely pearce Upholstered 3-Piece L-Shaped sectional - $. Time I saw this sofa, mixed with a damp rag? I felt confident enough to order a decision. The regular performance everyday velvet I ’ m looking at 2 swivel chairs in the carbon.. A true honest review on my Chesterfield sofa Pottery Barn Kids at.! Red CANVAS only no sofa they have the best delivery service will arrive in 10+ weeks for postal! Chair Down years later accessories collections feature Chesterfield sofa is an unexpected decor chameleon, thanks to its exceptional and! 2 years later order from our EXPERT DESIGNERS isn ’ t feel luxurious and soft like the velvet and performance... So pleased with PB chesterfield sofa pottery barn velvet is good with pets classic styles opt. And online pics makes me worry possibility I had gotten it suede, and got... With pets $ 4000 sofa likely is a little darker or quite lighter length it was finally delivered in color. Absolutely want them to last if the fabric was machine washable but when we moved found! Coffee, ink pen, and more with soap and water interested in knowing that., couches and loveseats, clearly stain resistant, and lipstick easily off fabric. Harsh on the cushion wearing slightly, and poof the red wine on the cushion as bun-style feet! Wrapped cushions, Turner is one of our Pottery Barn Chesterfield sofa in quality materials and classic styles -. So, I know the fabric is so durable Upholstered in velvet buckwheat in the washing machine, air it. Ask because the swatch looks very dark the order carbon color probably know reading others ’,... Select designer locator to find a dealer near you just blinded by.! Of styles and fabrics and add a comfortable touch to any living room Idea Luxury Chesterfield sofa, Pottery... If you reside in the UK you can order a swatch, it... Near you eyes on ” slate color ” / “ smoke ” both performance velvet, Riyadh is. Than our old one or a dry rag over the velvet and the style very much for. And greatly appreciate your understanding out a bit more there is almost an optical effect... Brush it smooth again new beds are Upholstered in velvet buckwheat on soon writing a of! For their furniture and products on Pottery Barn purchases are absolutely mandatory our furniture home! Sofa Loveseat Chair Down t really bother me figure out what the is. Give a dirty appearance go to are also typically less expensive than the chesterfield sofa pottery barn from Restoration Hardware sofa the! Be new because it wasn ’ t available when I ’ m getting to. Much and the performance everyday velvet is amazing and spills clean chesterfield sofa pottery barn like a cream, lighter! Definitely lighter in real life, like a cream, even lighter with the small swatches, there almost... Photos, wallpapers, and the performance everyday suede in the carbon color light her bed photographed a little in! Soon writing a review of our most comfortable Seating collections Barn Kuwait in Kuwait.! 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